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Verragio 4 Prong Channel Bead-Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Floating Diamond Engagement Rings

What is the term of floating diamond? How the diamonds do are float? How do diamonds float? What are the models and shapes of floating diamond engagement rings? We will try to explain about the properties of floating diamond engagement rings in this article.

“Floating” term refers to literally swim in them instead of a large number of cannula or channels to appear will be made by setting the ring is suspended within the diamond means. Diamond engagement rings floating frankly claws unlike traditional settings, supported from the bottom or clip more limited engagement ring settings in the beauty and simplicity of the diamond instead of hiding it, highlight open, use the high settings. Although the idea is actually an illusion floating gem, this sets the simple elegance and contemporary style and minimalist design, we offer traditional coupled with appearances.

There are relatively new types of floating settings designs. Only in recent years have exerted so much force that can damage jewelry before the environment firmly and secure a diamond or other semi-precious gemstone buckle strong enough for jewelry manufacturing alloys. Designs than ever were preferred in the past years, by contrast, today’s brides-to-be increasingly are opting for the classic, simple rings. Still leaving room for personalization and individual talent floating style ring, old or antique styles offers ease without going back.


Floating diamond engagement ring styles

At first, many couples, simple as a ring design styles assume a very limited number of ways. Rings floating, however, come from a broad of options, including:

  • Tension settings: This is the most popular and simplest form of floating setting. The band ring with stone literally metal voltage is kept between the two halves.
  • Floating belts: Center stone on a detailed design of arches or lower is a diamond studded band on a floating bridge with an elevated setting an eternity ring mixes.
  • Bar Sets: Metal Bars in the band or ring Diamond Accent, maybe other design elements that separate, tight hold center stone.
  • Clear Frames suspended above the ring frame settings: the simple diamond can be created with a base open, airy.
  • Split Shank Floats above the ring setting band as it rises: the split shank side with him instead of instead of connect covers stone.
  • Bypass Rings centered on the two sides of the diamond ring: instead of being parallel to the fact that they are located perpendicular to the stone and finger grip switch.

In addition to setting the floating diamond ring variations of any woman adore to create stunning rings, you can include many other design elements. Accent stones, coordinating the contrasting metals, bridal sets, carving and other embellishments, all is possible.

As the popularity of these designs, the more jewelers and stores carry different designs of an engagement ring. Designer engagement rings more often unusual choices, but almost all traders, will present the tension settings. When choosing a ring, but to ensure that an appropriate public judging diamond quality, it is important to get care. These features will be immediately noticeable because of the design’s open nature, extraordinary diamond color, diamond clarity and is required.

The same will increase the size of an open design GEM carat weight because it is less critical. Setting itself can become loose twists or distortions must be secure and even without. Floating diamond engagement rings as well as stone point guard to protect the user’s finger should be. Many designs including a thin rim in accordance with in the band of the ring, but when worn, gemstone rings if there are no finger rub across whether it won’t be high enough.

Unusual engagement rings always require unusual care. To resize a floating rings is difficult and should be measured carefully for proper fit and ring too tight is never having to even a slight tension setting an unfortunate-engagement ring Diamond loosen and can lead to a mishap. As much as possible, clean to keep dirt or debris tight diamond setting appropriate jewelry cleaner to make sure the generated throughout the soak to the public. Grab the ring or lost is likely swimming, or while as any during the engagement ring, a floating diamond ring, sports activities, must be removed during her chores.

Diamond engagement rings, they shimmer in the light and classic design reminiscent of the stunning illusions was the distinguished modern talent floating but reflect. Many styles are available with any luxury diamond with his finger on the floating bride-to-be will be floating in the air already.

Blue Gemstone Engagement Ring

Unique Engagement Rings

  • What are the types of unique engagement rings?
  • What are the properties of unique engagement rings?
  • What are the brands and alternatives of unique engagement rings?

In this written text, you can reach these questions answers.

Many couples just want any jeweler cannot be found in unique engagement rings. Engagement with a new life full of promise and many couples want a ring as unique as love.

Unique Engagement Rings Designs and Styles

What is the usual custom for a couple may be another, but different ring styles and designs that are discover couples therefore its style that you can select in available can help information about the wide range of properties.

Celtic Design Unique Engagement Rings

Celtic rings are increasingly popular among engaged couples. This never-ending knots influenced a complex design with an endless ring of cultural united symbolizes two people. You understand and each ring forming the basic design of the sensitive and complex if Celtic or Celtic knotting Ireland-you do not have to be.

14kt White Gold Round Diamond Celtic Knot Engagement Ring

14kt White Gold Round Diamond Celtic Knot Engagement Ring

Some jewelers and even personalized designs or initials inside of each ring, as well as gemstones or favorite node will incorporate the patterns. Wrapping about one different-colored metal is another popular two-tone ring with. A few options are as follows:

  • Buffalo, n.y.-based jeweler: The Designed number of stone and metal options, offering a variety of styles of custom and ready-Celtic rings offers both.
  • Gemvara: This well known jeweler a few stone, metal and Celtic ring carries an excellent selection of design options.

Mokume Gane Unique Engagement Rings

Mokume gane rings for men and women with extremely styles both designed without the stones of different metallic alloys are a Japanese-style fashion using metal accents. They are rare, mokume gane ring custom order and they must be difficult to resize if in the wrong fashion. If you can find this type of ring jewelers are as follows:

  • Andrew NYC Designs: This contains the beautiful stones or diamond jewelry mokume gane ring selection, as well as metal-offers only bands.
  • Krikawa: With this company and various settings for more options without stones and offers a combination of bespoke styles simple.

Gemstones Unique Engagement Rings

Arguably the most popular unique engagement rings diamonds are the stones. Unique for a ring, so that the Tanzanite, Mystic topaz, or consider an alternative such as bluish green stone. Diamonds are no matter what stone center stone highlighted the still as can be used as glittering accents. For even more customization, many couples together, or your own custom dates, the bride and groom both stones feature about the Zodiac rings are open.

Gemstones (especially purple or red color), white metal, and heart shapes engagement ring

Gemstones (especially purple or red color), white metal, and heart shapes engagement ring

A beautiful and colorful gemstone rings, and diamond rings to the extent that it may be more appropriate.

Jewelry green amethyst, Garnet, This jeweler Point: Quartz, tourmaline and many other options, including stone carries a selection of outstanding options. Stone solitaire and citrine, peridot, topaz, coral, and more including a large selection of unusual options for shopping center stone ring.

Colored Diamonds Unique Engagement Rings

A diamond is your choice, but if you want something a bit unusual, I think about colored diamonds. Colored diamonds is a whole world of choices opens up. You pinks, reds, yellows, greens and blues, you can choose from. Colored diamond rings for another election after the fact would be yellow or brown tint is to select one of a lower class.

Bvlgari fancy colored diamond and diamond engagement ring

Bvlgari fancy colored diamond and diamond engagement ring

Many jewelry stores carry a selection of colored diamonds.

  • Leibish & Co.: there are so many different shades of Leibish & co. colored diamonds, used to create a custom ring, as well as loose diamond carries the rings ready with. The elections are purple, pink and more.
  • Zales: Zales jewelry retailer popular black green, red, blue, and more ranging in shades of colored diamond rings are a nice choice. Engagement rings are available in many styles available.

Antique or Vintage Unique Engagement Rings

Most people own an antique engagement ring passed down from previous generations is not transferred; they must search for them in the ring the relic. Real estate sales of antique rings, pawn or consignment shops, or many, including online auctions can be found in different places. However, buyers get what they pay for each time a suitable to provide must be careful.

Vintage Style Round Diamond Heirloom Engagement Ring

Vintage Style Round Diamond Heirloom Engagement Ring

Old or antique rings to look at a few places while shopping for are as follows:

  • Lang antiques & collectibles: This store real estate selections ranging from simple pieces of beautiful vintage details and antique ring styles is an excellent resource to find.
  • Bright Earth: This jewelry, vintage and antique styles is an online gallery for easy viewing by an impressive selection of moves highlighted.

Formal Design Unique Engagement Rings

A formal design, like the leaves of a flower or other such recognizable arranged in the shape of diamonds and other precious stones, especially as it is edited to mimic.

Animals, plants, ribbons, and the importance of popular shapes and additional letters and appeals to the bride-to-be in his character might be certain.

Examples include:

  • Zales Bow shape: Zales white and black diamond’s that contains this stunning bow-shaped ring of formal design is a perfect example.
  • Gemvara Flower Shape ring this beautiful flower shaped molding: Gemvara white gold setting features a white sapphire.

Filigree Design Unique Engagement Rings

Filigree designs similar to the Celtic rings but without cultural background etched metal accents are complex with rings. A filigree design easily stones, meaningful shapes, or you can include other significant symbolism.

Sapphire diamond filigree alternative engagement ring 14k white gold

Sapphire diamond filigree alternative engagement ring 14k white gold

Engagement jewelry filigree rings are beautiful there is appropriate for:

  • The Marlene Harris collection: Diamonds or other stones went featuring filigree rings are created by choose from a variety of styles of fashion.
  • A diamond Center stone with two tons of Stuller: Yellow and white gold filigree design if you’re looking for; visit the web site of Stuller.

Other Options of Unique Engagement Rings

Still interested in classical designs but who want some unique engagement ring features, including a spectacular, one-of-a-kind design that can be used to create, there are many fine choices for couples:

The choice of a unique metal: Titanium colored tungsten, a rare choice for engagement rings. This type of unusual shades of sage and rose gold, but also can be used to create stunning and unusual ring.
Choosing an unusual stone shape: Round gems is the most popular engagement ring, princess cut, marquise gemstones and Emerald cuts, followed closely by. Choosing a Trilliant, Asscher, cushion-cut pear, or a classic ring style gives instant authenticity.

Ring engraving: A special emotion is an important date, initials or easily in a subtle way, giving her personal talents, most ring styles can be engraved.

A unique montage-style selection: Classic Fork setting is the most popular, but more unique styles, frame set, the opener, recessed, or opt for the voltage setting.

Skipping an engagement ring: an engagement ring, for a variety of reasons for some couples and an eternity band or just prefer to forgo the wedding rings can be compelling alternative. Instead of a pair of Earrings Necklace or couple you can choose.

The design your own ring: If the ring really if you want to make sure it is unique, has created a special, consider a kind of parts a-either already together with new material or using stone and metal.

Unique engagements ring the engaged couples and the bride’s personality and love to try the key shares, to capture. This is an ethnic ring, a family heirloom, or gets customized symbolized with a piece of the couple’s unique and with the engagement ring is the beginning of a wonderful life.

Modern Vintage 10K White Gold 2.5 Carat Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Unique Vintage Engagement Rings

  • What is the style of vintage engagement rings designs?
  • Why people prefer unique vintage engagement rings?
  • What is the history of vintage engagement rings?

You can find much information about unique vintage engagement rings in this article.

An engagement ring, which symbolizes the lifelong commitment between two people, refers to a concept. No two couples or relations are not exactly the same as is concerned, must be exactly the same, as well as two engagement rings to make a lot of sense! T & H, we are unique, one-of-a-kind engagement rings expert. Personal relationships are completely unique (and maybe a little unusual!) So what better way that is going to worn for the rest of your life a super unique vintage engagement ring with more that fact to celebrate!

Modern Vintage 10K White Gold 2.5 Carat Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Modern Vintage 10K White Gold 2.5 Carat Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Collection of unique vintage engagement rings are the only interesting things truly one-of-a-kind rings is something we brought together represent. Unlike many vintage rings we saw before that rings really are! This colorful accent stones, filigree work, mixed metals open usage, or delicate milgrain get in, these unique classic engagement rings for their league really are.

Vintage Engagement Rings History

Unique vintage engagement and cocktail rings all the way back to the early eighteenth century Georgian period extends from jewelry comes in seven different historical periods in the history of. Unique ring jewelers’ creativity feels the need not only for a while! The most unusual vintage rings for more than 300 years, covering a range of sounds from all over the world.

Jewelry design has changed a lot since 1800, such as Georgian and Victorian antique engagement rings, diamond cutting, and the boundary lines of today’s modern world may seem unusual, amazing design techniques on a property! Edward era (1890-1915) from not only the jewels ‘ are great hand job, I feel some incredibly unusual classic engagement ring designs it was impossible before, resulting in metal works with amazing detail brings you the freedom to create designs that has seen technological developments he saw contemporary jewelry today.

Art Deco period (1915-1935) unique vintage engagement rings in the collection of the most interesting, decadent engagement rings represents many of the incredibly detailed, introduces geometric designs! Hollywood glamour era of Retro jewelry (1935-1950) was the influence of this period we (Platinum, etc.) and other classic designs gold tiny twists with a focus on the post-war 1950 dripping with diamonds and colored stones with large showy, dramatic designs, producing a big economic growth reflected a return. Unique vintage engagement rings jewelry full of long-standing, but it’s up to you to decide the right engagement ring for you!

Online Purchasing Alternatives of Engagement Rings

Is this possible for buying the engagement rings in online? If it is possible, what are the alternatives of online shopping for purchasing engagement rings? In this paper, we will offer the alternatives of online websites and the important points of the online shopping.


Shopping for an engagement ring online is gaining popularity among many couples. Local jewelry stores often offer only a limited selection of the engagement ring styles, the more great deals on online retailers can provide access, as well as a result. I want a unique engagement ring options, online retailer or a local jewelry stores if you do not find the best choice of rings, engagement rings consider checking out the many online stores that specialize in. Only unusual settings and styles you won’t find a larger selection but also you will find some great prices on rings. We specialize in engagement rings are just a few of the best known retailers include:


Blue Nile

Blue Nile certified diamonds and engagement rings is one of the largest online retailers. Blue Nile is known for superior quality and excellent customer service. On the Blue Nile, the option to shop or a ringtone trends loose diamonds and you have to create your own by selecting the setting ideal ring. Blue Nile purchase some of the benefits include:

All orders Free FedEx Priority shipping, defects in Production, design and lifetime warranty protection, Matching Blue Nile diamond and the diamond the diamond price compare against Peer Price Validation service. In addition, any purchases that do not completely satisfied 30 days return policy and free gift with all purchases, wrapping and card service is also offered.



Zales Diamond Store known as “and has been in business since 1924, only retail locations across the United States have a Zales jewelry company also engagement ring styles have a website that is filled with a wide selection. Zales that Vera Wang Love collection, Zales the diamond collection and its celebration of Canadian diamonds collection features such special collections.

As online or from one of their stores or Zales Diamond have many benefits:

No questions asked, for 100 days to return to buying diamond rings Zales lifetime Diamond Commitment program, chipped, broken or original setting ($ 200 or more diamond purchases) provides a missing diamond modification. In addition, Free Lifetime diamond cleaning and inspection, a ring upgrade for new original purchase price towards the purchase of a diamond on allows you to apply.



The Brilliance of your engagement ring to find excellent for allows you to browse thousands of loose diamonds. This jewelry company, a special ring you full capabilities can help you create, your choice-diamond specialists to help you through the process, as well as jewelry designers are. The ring is handmade using high quality materials when you are in your Brilliance.

The following are some advantages of shopping your Brilliance: free UPS or Fed Ex shipping ve30 day no questions asked return policy, the 90-day free ring resizing and at a low price, finding an element of the same size and quality with low price guarantee is a lifetime warranty against. In addition, a master gemologist is free, published by the evaluation.


1 Diamond Source

1 Diamond Source designed to the exact specifications together to put on a ring, making for a wide selection of loose certified GIA diamond engagement ring settings, as well as special offers are possible. All diamonds are no-risk return policy and are guaranteed for 30 days. These merchants some other great features include: All diamonds are certified either AGS or GIA has. The most cost-effective warranty and conflict free diamonds, along with free insured shipping


Online Auctions

New and previously owned engagement ring choices including eBay or is available through online auctions such as Bidz. Buying through an auction site bought in this way is it possible to get a good deal to the public, though it comes some risks. Therefore, there are many online auction scams, buying as much as possible, you will want to be informed about. Always thoroughly before giving an offer to the public and investigate both the seller and very-well-to-be-looks real keep in mind any deal probably is a scam. Always before buying from an auction site, do the following:

  • Verify the quality of a diamond
  • Diamond certificate for real, ask the original to make sure
  • To verify that the value to the public, see the documentation for a valuation comes if so which policies apply, find out if let back
  • Auction site seller as reviews, browse
  • Ring appearance prior to buying more than one picture to the public to get a good visual inspection


To keep you protected, always offering PayPal and as a credit card fraud protection using a payment method. I want to pay with a money order or cash vendors beware.

Limited retail with options for couples, shopping for an engagement ring online to find the perfect ring is a great alternative. Rings many more varied and more online store in any physical and careful review and savvy shoppers, couples buying online need not fear a monumental.

Chanel 1932 bridal flower engagement ring

Bridal Set Engagement Rings

What are the models of bridal sets in engagement rings? What are the types of bridal sets of engagement rings? Where they can be found for buying? What is the meaning and importance of bridal set engagement rings? In this article, we will express our thoughts and an opinion about bridal sets properties.

Simple wedding band fantasy shaped Diamond Accent stones surrounding multiple sports to both rings design wraps the details with bridal sets range from simple Diamond Solitaire engagement rings.


Chanel 1932 bridal flower engagement ring

Chanel 1932 bridal flower engagement ring

There are two basic set types: These are listed as parallel rings and integrated rings.

Parallel Rings

Parallel rings, similar to traditional, separate rings or rings can be worn by it. Wedding band may be flat or extra laying stones or coordinates with an engagement ring setting matches the details might be. Parallel set, wedding engagement ring two when worn together the group usually can interact with does not have raised stone or other detailed information.


Integrated Rings

An integrated set of carefully designed another pair, and wedding band usually accompanies without seeming missing engagement ring cannot be worn without. In many cases, the wedding band maybe available or engagement ring details accent stones end, the engagement ring is designed as coordination for diamond ring wrap. Engagement ring stone becomes the primary focus for the complete set.


Shopping for wedding Sets

Since they are so popular and practical engagement and wedding bands have commonly available sets. Most local jewelry stores carry a variety of options and can be ordered online are examined and to the public. When you shop for a set of your own, you might want to check out a few resources are as follows:



This jewelry is more than $ 17,000 cost options priced under $ 600 sets to choose from, with the options to suit any budget, offers a wide selection of sets. As more than one stone option are available in white and yellow gold settings. If the person can visit or shop online use online to find a retail store locator.



Not as wide as the price range if various budget Zales according to Jared sets carries a nice selection. It’s the retailer’s wedding sets starting at $ 1100 and $ 10,000 is up beyond the cost-price. Both white and yellow gold is a well-known designer Neil Lane designs the selections including several styles available. Find you’re nearest store or online shop. Online orders can be shipped to the store at no cost.


Helzberg Diamonds

This jewelry priced between $ 3,800 to $ 1,900 and a couple of good offers that sets. Each style is made from 14 karat white gold with the settings. Luxury designs a variety of round and square solitaires, baguette and including more space available. Find a retail location near you or order online with free shipping to your door, visit the find a store to enjoy. The decision to buy should be sure to consider their concerns before. Sets the major concern about integrated rings is a shortage to be worn separately.


The bride-to-be, two rings soldered to sit in a seamless, continuous, as necessary, should lose the engagement ring for before the wedding ceremony. The rings are joined and persistent engagement ring is lost. If the wedding band can be worn anymore, she eventually wants to take her as an heirloom engagement ring, it her wedding band gives up unless it is not possible to do this with a series of.

Wedding sets are another concern is their inherent confusion. Bridal sets are usually simple in design during daily use according to accidental damage may be more sensitive to the surrounding larger Center stone, which means that a pattern has more than one accent stones. Therefore, the rings of these styles are much more subtle, understated jewelry is a very active lifestyle choice or are not appropriate options for women open.

Engagement rings sets a really good how nested relationships lasting, elegant, a symbol of the excellent design pieces for double discrimination, or it can be integrated into a simple and stylish ring compatible.

Popular Engagement Ring Designers

We will list the most popular designers of engagement rings with a brief explanation of each one.

  • Which brands are popular in engagement rings designs?
  • Who are the most popular and most preferred designers for engagement rings and wedding bands? 

Wedding planning in various resolutions and only happens once in your life, the best and most appropriate for this important day to select things that require spending long time. Many things, the most important thing for this historic day, but what is more important is to expire at the end of the wedding ceremony unlike other things forever an engagement ring wedding requires I thinking.

What makes this different from every other public engagement rings and rings and diamond setting is used for the cutting of stones used for inlay of precious metals. The most common precious metals, white, yellow or any other color whether the 14 k and 18 k gold. 14 k gold 18 k gold is believed to be more powerful and safer than the stones will hold. To get the best and highest quality for engagement rings, you should look for the best jewelers. Here are the 10 best engagement ring designers is a quick glance.

David Yurman

This is an American company for jewelry design. This David Yurman and Sybil Yurman by established in 1980. Company’s headquarters in New York City, New York, located in the United States. His ring Diamond cut themselves and their reputation with the cable and the crossover designs.


Barry Verragio fine jewelry design has more than 20 years of experience in the field, and he let him design a ring Master New York Technology studied at the fashion Institute.

Jeff Cooper

The devastation that this is the most refined and delicate rings design means that experienced nearly 40 years in the field was founded in 1976.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany founded in 1837 by the York, United States, and Charles Lewis. This diamond is jewelry, silver, personal accessories, and other known to sell luxury goods.


It was founded by Haig Tacorian and is based in California. Tacori is presented by the engagement rings is a combination of classical elegance and a modern inspiration.

Harry Winston

A Railroad Tycoon Henry Huntington and after his death his wife Arabella Huntington, purchased was that widely known jewelry collection. Her work started out as a de facto. Harry Winston to be more contemporary, old fashion collection has been redesigned.

Michael B

He’s 16 years old, one of the best Jewelry houses in Istanbul began designing jewelry, she starting from metal jewelry making became aware of all the details and diamond to create an attractive engagement rings and wedding set design, and it is extremely over. To make those engagement rings began using Platinum in 1990.

Charles Colvard’s discovery

This is the most important supplier of Moissanite is all over the world. This is necessary to provide the market with Moissanite was established in 1995 and in 1998, Moissanite can be found at all, and also because it is cheaper than diamond engagement rings is known as the most brilliant stones used in construction has begun. Charles Colvard offers engagement rings by & 14 k Yellow Gold, 14 k White Gold or Palladium is made.


This production of jewelry and other luxury goods is an Italian company specialized in. Is that Sotirios Voulgaris by was established in 1884. Its headquarters are located in Rome, Italy. Products traded under the name of Bvlgari. These sapphires, rubies and emeralds using different designs, types, and uses his colors to make Platinum Rings.


Cartier is the world’s most famous and oldest designers and jewelry, but also the wristwatch is one of the only vendors. Louis-Francois Cartier was established in 1847 and by the Center in France. Cartier, especially royalty, celebrities and rich people for the production of fine jewelry for parts is known throughout history.

Start and Development of Engagement Rings with De Beers

What is the engagement rings start and develop history? What is the diamond engagement rings and De Beers’s relation? What are the details of success of De Beers in diamond engagement rings in the market? We will express the information about these questions in this written text.

A married couple’s relationship, which is one of the big diamond engagement rings, a symbol of love and commitment, is a sentient being can be-but the word is not actually a fiscal sense, the entire entity. In fact, for this you paid less the moment left the jeweler at least 50% value. This makes not a little wince?

And yet, we still feel compelled to buy them for our loved ones. Heck, even I still want one after you wrote this article. How did this become the norm? This diamond was a symbol of wealth, power, because it’s hard to imagine a century was only three quarters, and the romance they are in America today-and all because the bright, versatile marketing strategy designed and executed according to a commercial agency NW Clients, De Beers early to Ayer.

Several decades, N.W. Ayer De Beers successfully throughout the entire period of war and economic turmoil, failed to turn the market into a psychological necessity have helped a. How exactly did the Ayer diamond love, romance and marriage N.W. ultimate symbols that convinced the Americans.

The diamond industry on De Beers ‘has 80-year history of one of the most impressive castle and charming. The company creates and diamond processing the case, let’s takes a look at how the marketing used to be critical.


How it all began

Diamonds is a big diamond mines South Africa discovered in 1870, have been rare since the stones. Soon after the discovery, a South African mining, behind the efforts of British financiers didn’t do anything about it if the diamond market will be saturated Earth. In 1888, so, they can determine two bold goals:

They create and the De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd. full ownership and control of the world diamond trade, was successful. They sold them the diamond while the strategic control and accessories stocked, cultivated a network of wholesalers all over the world. To be successful here and stabilize the market, De Beers to control both supply and demand for diamonds in the world to have to figure out a way. To do this, they must find an advertising agency.

If you are looking for an advertising agency starts, De Beers, the global economy was under threat of a European war and suffering. Their difficulty is a growing diamond market had the potential to support and then to implement a marketing campaign in these countries is to rent an agency was to figure out which country or countries. Because of the upcoming war was named Europe’s dealing because the U.S.-total number of diamonds in the United States in World War I, De Beers since the end of the decreased at a rate of about 50%, even hired the Philadelphia advertising agency NW Ayer in 1938.

The birth of the De Beers Diamond is a Vision he chose Ayer N.W. about social attitudes on their intensive research and caters to a wide audience, strategic after them because of their own ideas about how to change.

N.W. Ayer, Americans in the late 1930s, figure out exactly what he thinks about diamonds is a comprehensive market research. What they found was a luxury reserved for the rich only super diamond were considered and Americans interested in other things, such as cars and household appliances was spending their money. More and more large diamonds sell for would be the changing income group consumers market, Ayer.

So, how big a bad economy, more people can buy diamonds? It’s an emotional thing; I had to find a way of establishing a connection to the diamond. Diamond, natural value because it was not, they never had to keep people from selling them. Emotional, social, and what was valuable and eternal? Love and marriage.


The concept of an engagement rings there since the medieval period, but had not seen the widely accepted. And before World War, there was contained only 10% diamond engagement rings. A carefully executed marketing strategy, to strengthen the tradition of the NW Ayer with engagement rings and diamonds can turn public opinion about-precious stones and marriage important parts. In the end, they’re romantic relationships is an essential part of Ayer diamond is the ultimate gift of love for young men and young women, will be convinced.

N.W. Ayer most publicists diamond ring and the type, size, and their famous diamond worth of newspaper columns and magazines about suggestions of stories he wrote. Fashion designers radio shows spoke about the trend of new diamonds.

N.W. Ayer kind of reminds me of the way the first half of the twentieth century marketing in newspapers and radio as well as traditional marketing tools used today: in addition to entertaining and educational outdoor advertising generated content-ideas, stories, fashion, its brands and products supported, but it was not clear on this issue and trends. There was no direct sales person that needs to be done to protect had no brand name on the minds of just had an idea-diamond eternal surrounding emotional value. Their story has been given the diamond or diamonds, and how happy and loved this diamond was about the people who made them feel.

The Agency saw a tremendous success of the early campaign. In just four years between 1938 and 1941, they reported an increase of 55% in the US diamond sales. Riding on this success, N.W. Ayer began perfecting its marketing strategy in the 1940s. They are convinced the Americans that the missing marriages without the diamonds she wanted to.


“A Diamond Is Forever”

 These four iconic words since 1948, he appeared in the ad for each De Beers and proverb that century in 1999 1. The slogan will be called. The slogan is already selected, but De Beers ‘ enormous advertising success will contribute greatly to become a choice why is ambiguous.

I was going for the perfect slogan captured the sentiment of the De Beers-also can disrupt the market and intrinsic dangerously low as mass re-sale will reveal, sell their diamonds so far is discouraging people-a diamond is forever, as your relationship the stones themselves value.

N.W. Ayer for De Beers at the very start of campaigns in the late 1930s, an engagement ring was a monthly salary recommended spending. In the 1980s, De Beers has organized a campaign to reset norms two months ‘ salary.

Over all, De Beers and their agency has created and Americans ‘ social attitudes and the marriage is not complete without a diamond ring that of convincing the people manipulating the demand for diamonds based on changing market monopolized. So are the biggest scam in the history of the diamond, or this is an example of marketing genius.

De Beers in their products (such as gold and silver) I knew it was not intrinsically valuable. Instead, their product marketing, the art of marketing to them-in this case, the values and ethics that surround to love, romance and marriage. No one in the first round, when the broad market research to buy diamonds, so they had to create their own value.


Market research on consumer attitudes to shift away from junk food to children showed a direct promotion of Kraft Foods, Inc. changed the marketing strategy as-most companies they are reactive with existing value means the former. Institutions market research showed a significant decline in the demand for diamonds, so instead of existing social attitudes shift would accommodate has executed marketing campaigns-De Beers was part of the second camp. Although a bright and successful, but also ethical concerns are a ton of opens.

Whether you’re very interesting to find out which side, De Beers is an example. It’s fascinating how De Beers and N.W. Ayer is a story around their products and value proposition has created a demand from coming up with-and still successful today. They still bring in billions of dollars each year since the beginning of the century, De Beers, although effective, has lost the monopoly of the world diamond trade. But rather and idea than marketing products, they are $ 72 billion per year for the diamond industry to build a strong foundation and a good judge for 80 years-and a story worth learning more about it.