24 October 2014

Celebrity Engagement Rings

To get engaged is one of the most important moments in human life. This beautiful, happy moments, usually with a ring is crowned with even a single stone ring. Women for marriage proposal moment, how much is exceedingly lovely, for men, loved people, to put a beautiful ring on her finger, she must have been so nice and excited!

I do not know, Did you ever wonder, but I related a story of celebrity engagement rings if I come across, I can not pass without reading. Thousands of dollars to wear a stone in my hand, it would be very pleasantly. Thousands of dollars, but even some of these rings are a million dollars. Naturally, I am wondering how as multimillion-dollar ring. It is a lot, I am interested in this subject. Eventually, one of Hollywood’s most expensive engagement ring I found a few of them. Some of very nice, some, however, that given the cause of so much money, I still do not understand.

A single ring, Do you want to witness what he could? Engagement rings, until now the most talked about and the higher value of the ring. World-renowned artists, the owner is happy to be a part. Christina Aguilera, Adriana Lima, Megan Fox and many more names, with precious engagement ring, pose happily gave. That’s the magic of engagement rings, comes in the middle at this point. Here celebrity engagement rings adorning their fingers.

Equivalents and even more beautiful, I hope, very soon you too will your finger. Necessarily, do not need to engagement, perhaps our ring, take ourselves, we wear ourselves on our own

Kim Kardashian’n’s engagement ring, worth $ 8 million. Ring, fiance, Kanye West and jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz, have designed together. Kanye West wants to be even more special to the ring, girls name ‘North has written to the ring.

Given by Jay-Z, Beyonce, single-stone ring around $ 5 million. 18 carat emerald cut diamond ring. Kim Kardashian compared with rings, a single stone ring, we see that an important feature in the clarity.

The most curious rings, Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring. From Robert Procope was designed by jeweler, and the final stage developed for 1 year. Price about $ 250,000

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski by, given the price of this engagement ring is $ 100,000. To each other, they give quite a value 🙂

Katherine Heigl is married to Josh Kelley, and also very close, they adoptive a daughter. I, personally, Katherine Heigl, drop-shaped engagement ring liked very much.

In the picture you can see the engagement ring, 18 carat and 5 million dollars. Jay-Z this engagement ring, a simple ceremony, they celebrate the their wedding, Beyonce has given.

Mcaethur Hayes, Ali Larter gave the engagement ring is also very stylish. Unfortunately I did not get the price.

Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey If you think that great his engagement rings, a wedding anniversary gift is a must-see.

French husband Tony Parker, this engagement ring Eva Longoria in 2007, gave her in marriage proposal when. This an engagement ring with a very easy “yes” should be taken.

A few months after flirting with Russell Brand in India, Katy Perry has proposed to the following ring

Fergie’s engagement ring is on your finger it, by Josh Duhamel, was in this year’s wedding anniversary. After infidelity gossiping, ever cheap Josh did not escape when choosing a gift.

Mike Fisher’s fiance gave to country music singer Carrie Underwood engagement ring can also see below.

Her fiance Brian Austen Green’s, which gave Megan Fox, the engagement ring is also quite large.



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