29 October 2014

De Beers Brand Engagement Rings

The story of De Beers

German immigrant, a Jew, Ernest Oppenheimer, a diamond broker by Londoner, South Africa, began through the sending.

De Beers Adonis Rose Ring

De Beers Adonis Rose Ring

Oppenheimer, before the First World War, produced diamond, Kemberly was the mayor of the city, and the American banker JP Morgan’s support, Anglo American, founded the gold mining company.

Ernest Oppenheimer’s the biggest success in the late 1920s, the world is advancing towards the Great Depression, the global diamond trade, was seized. Oppenheimer, British adventurer founded by Cecil Rhodes, De Beers has bought the membership the board, and was president of the board of directors. De Beers, to the whole world, provided the diamond, and a very successful marketing strategy of, the diamonds, as a symbol of love, has also contributed to the adoption. Situated between the world’s most famous jewelery brands, and the master of diamonds with diamonds, as shown, De Beers, today, many famous women, hands, wrists, necks and continues to bring together the luxury. Romantic and feminine, identified as De Beers, the story of the ring in the Adonis Rose collection dates back to ancient Greece. Ancient Greece, the two major gods, Aphrodite and Adonis love story, it is possible to see in this ring. Rose of Adonis, diamond-coated version, it is completely wrap finger, and eye-catching in such a way to shine. As an engagement ring, considered this ring, which woman would not want to have? Particularly moon or the sun without notice, at any moment, shining ring wearer, also the owner of the finger, If we think whether shine.

As Engagement Rings Diamond Solitaire Rings

Diamond solitaire rings are, to use as engagement rings, has become widespread recently. Since the end of 1400, diamonds, as if When Using at weddings, diamond engagement ring was for more aristocratic and royal family. The present time in, solitaire diamond rings as engagement rings, have become very popular. This case, De Beers could also depend on the an effort to revive the diamond business. De Beers Company, throughout the second half of the 20th century, made a comprehensive marketing campaign. Diamond customers, rather than the name of De Beers, the diamond itself to focus on, was included in the campaign. Of De Beers marketing campaign, the other important part, diamonds, love and expressing the culmination of the definition of, the shape of it as a solitaire ring, was present to people. Also as part of a marketing campaign, NW Ayer & Son advertising firm, (A Diamond is Forever) with the slogan comes up. Even Years later that statement still the distinguishing feature of De Beers continues to be. De Beers marketing campaign has been one of the most successful marketing campaign in history. De Beers, one of the problems to be solved, for a solitaire ring, how much money would be spentwas going explain how the customers. One of the common marketing offered an awesome idea, “a solitaire diamond ring, a man buys must spend three month’s salary.” Summarize the concept that was to be marketed. That’s two, high criteria of successful marketing, in America, the diamond market, was enough to spur. One of the private ones for him, wanting to get solitaire rings, for many people, to understand the symbolism of the diamond’s background is important. Diamond can really last forever and, when you give your fiancee a diamond solitaire, this tells that of your relationship and your love should last forever.



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