25 October 2014

Design Your Own Unique Engagement Ring

Design Your Own Unique Engagement Ring

Are you looking a different engagement ring through your wants? Do you want to have a unique and special engagement ring? If you want what points you should care about designing your engagement ring? In this written text, we will try to express the information about designing engagement rings.

If you are looking into an engagement ring design ideas, but don’t know where to begin? If a design your own engagement ring for his girlfriend or whether you’re looking for, there are several important questions to keep in mind here. Also known as a solitaire setting-a diamond Center stone is a popular starting point for the small apartment (! Or two), or rather will be whether to see to go solo to decide. Halos set up to a point. You look great with almost any size diamonds. If you are in the range of 1.50 ct +, will note that the halo Center stone appear larger.

Both the solitaire and halo style engagement ring settings with or without diamonds the band down, you look beautiful. Traditional classic solitaire Center stone with excepting not includes any diamonds, but this is what you want if the tape down some extra sparkle by adding the diamonds can lend. A halo or diamond band down, or both if you opt for, and then the next decision is the style to set them. U-set side diamonds you want, beads-set or channel-set? Better yet, what does that mean?

U-set diamonds for them, in view of the small u-shape profile window space to create, have drilled into the band. You can see all the top diamond, as it has a classic, an end-to-end perspective. Also known as “laying”-a smooth and smooth whole piece diamond them, giving you the appearance of metal consisting of tiny teeth by kept instead.
Bead-set diamonds per set consisting of metal, like tiny teeth, set, but a mild accompanied them to the border. This very stylish and is a classic look. Channel-set Diamond bead setting, rather than as they are held in place in the prone position held by the border itself takes place within the boundaries of another. This is a form of tension adjustment.

Now the basic design elements, you can begin to add some characters that decision! When it comes to this band, a flat belt may be a band, or the choice to Cone. Cone also may be traditional or reverse tapered-the closer you can get wider or skinnier center stone band as well.

Engagement ring Center stone serious shoulders as we get closer to this means that part of the body. Known as a cathedral setting-They get rid of it sitting atop, or you can start to rise toward as they approach the diamond appears as a full circle of what may be low. Appear more “elegant” Diamond High Cathedral, but also more cumbersome will wear the ring. Low shoulder is also very beautiful appearance and a cathedral setting against a classic look a little more modern.

Finally, we’ve got teeth center stone. On-the-spot diamond keeps these small metal arms. Traditional forks and rounded, they never can go wrong. Another option for the more modern and advanced CAT, bear and Eagle or claw teeth is known as. These are very stylish and sharp looking, literally, forks, he noted. Alternatively, it is important to remember that the frame completely with a prong setting.

When it comes to designing your engagement ring that important decisions helps to break down I hope. There can be many additional interchangeable or nuances (bandwidth, etc., additional details, such as the Milgrain), but this is the general public should serve as a framework for the structure.


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