03 November 2014

Engagement Ring Type and Models

Engagement Ring Type and Models

Engagement Ring type and Models

Engagement rings from within, to select the ring you’ll wear for life, contrary to the popular belief, it is not an easy choice. Without having behind the trend, enjoyable, and easy process for all of them share the engagement ring models and features on our website.

Red engagement ring

Red engagement ring

Classic Engagement Rings Models

All times are known, the oldest engagement ring model, classic ring models, platinum, white and yellow gold, made, usually without stone, and ring your partner is the same as the ring .. Usually they prefer the homely bride of this model, to develop slight movement for small stones can be added.

Thin Engagement Ring Models

Thin engagement ring models, lightweight, and homely structure, minimalist brides are among the first choices. Fashion never exceeding thin rings, in terms of usage, compared to other types of rings, is compatible with to every style is more advantageous.

White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement ring models, in recent years, according to the the kinds of yellow gold, an option where you can find more models. Brides does not like yellow gold, white gold preferences, dibs, seven stones, as they use the Stony Rings model.

Black Gold Engagement Rings

For a long time, but remaining in the shade of white gold, with Sex and the City the film, again on the agenda, black gold rings models, this time, does not seem easy to leave throne of easily. Fairly you will have a modern look, the black ring, the most remarkable models, with Diamonds in models show itself.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Pink is the symbol of romance, to carry with you anywhere on, which is a symbol of undying love, your single stone, pink gold integrate, do not you want? So we choose for you beautiful pink gold ring models from each other, take a look at Pink Gold single stone.

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Solitaire in the ring, the members of a current memorization disrupts, if you want to be, the last time was the fastest rising trend, try the yellow diamond. The diamonds we know, but bears all the characteristics, compared to the other, more rarely seen, yellow diamonds, itself up, people also carrying it in his hand, is scarce, evidence. White diamonds on the unique harmony, providing yellow diamonds, every model you can think of, and in cutting, can be applied, and both white and yellow gold as well, very befitting

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Do not have solitaire ring keepsake from your grandmother. Romantic roses, wavy hair, and lacy wedding dresses, loving, as the number of lovers of vintage, jewelry showcases are located, antique cut, the number of diamond rings, is increasing. Old time, patience, requiring taste and craftsmanship, one of the solitaire ring, having a work of art, to carry your finger means that. This year’s most talked about, one of the ring models, antique solitaire rings

Baguette Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Modern Bride’s Ring….┬áThin and long line, caused by this single stone ring models, modern touches. This year, with long wedding dresses will be very compatible. Although not very customary cut, with baguette-cut diamonds, decorated models, each passing day, more bride, began to attract attention. Particularly which befitting very long fingers, diamond rings, you can use in your daily life.

Drops Cut, Diamond Engagement Rings

Drops cut diamonds models, this year’s brides, single stone diamond ring choice, offering new options. The Solitaire, by placing in an unusual format, as innovativeboth remarkable models are emerging. This glittery drops, as a symbol of endless love, What do you say your finger to carry?

Sapphire Stone Engagement Rings

In Europe, anciently, sapphire used in the royal ring, Prince William, Kate Middleton to, while the marriage proposal, the mother, Lady Diana started, sapphire ring set, with the gift, incredibly popular, was .. across Increased demand sapphires and diamonds which are combined, ring models have been diversified. Anymore, to use your Solitaire sapphire, Europeans or to be members of the royal family, is not required. Cushion-shaped, drop shaped, round, or marquise cut, your stone single, you can decorate with small sapphire, or a large sapphire, you can highlight with small diamonds.

For brides who want to be like princesses in fairy tales, classic solitaire ring option too. Well, the ring of your dreams, unusual, if one of the single stone diamond model? The original singlestone ring, with the increase in interest, with each passing day, more designers will surprise us is signing works. Exotic plants, savage animals, and the surreal figure, decorated by these rings, while carrying in your hand, you will enjoy too, you can be sure. These unusual single stones, examine, look difference with your eyes!

All in this direction information, you can narrow down your choice, or even your make a final decision, you can determine which models will be.


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