27 October 2014

Engagement Rings / 2014 Trends

Engagement Rings / 2014 Trends

What are the trends of engagement rings in 2014? Which shapes and colors are fashionable for engagement rings in 2014? What type of engagement rings at the forefront again in 2014? In this article you can find information with engagement ring trends in 2014.

Engagement Rings in 2014

Engagement Rings in 2014

An engagement ring should be worn to make a living, while most of us still in the fashion of the world, culture and artistry can have influence of trends. In 2014, the styles in the next 12 months is set to become the most popular we are taking a look at.

A big trend for 2013, halo style disappears there is no danger. They also develop a center diamond ring sparkle appear larger because they are vintage design-inspired, they only appeal. General halo effect settings provides a great value for the carat weight, is really fascinating. In recent years, white gold and Platinum, yellow has been certainly popular metal choices are becoming an increasingly while rose gold and is searched. Their antique feel to the otherwise modern or timeless ring styles by adding an unexpected twist, an eye for a different design to those appeals.

Now more popular brilliant princess cut a more modern pillow cut diamond antique old European and mine cuts are a hybrid. Little round more sparkle, but soft, rounded edges, characterized this is a way to feel really romantic. They look absolutely amazing set halos specified above.

Emerald-cut filled with old charm, this pillow is very different. A form of step-cut faced pattern and recently many celebrities by cuts a striking silhouette has become popular. Angelina Jolie from Ciara, highlighting its versatility and timeless beauty of every star, wears diamonds. Asscher cuts would be a striking alternative. We are the only reason for Kate Middleton’s sapphire saying new popularity. They look amazing, of course, and-other possible explanations similar-sized diamond has the relative compared. A micropavĂ© band with a diamond halo set, sapphire elegance for lovers would be a stunning alternative to diamond engagement rings.


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