29 October 2014

Everything about Gold Engagement Rings

What do you think about Gold engagement rings? What are the properties of gold engagement rings? What are the points that should care for gold engagement rings? What are the types and carat properties of gold engagement rings? What are the models of gold engagement rings? In this written text, you can reach all the information that you want to know about gold engagement rings.

18k Gold Antique White Pearl and Diamond Engagement Ring on Etsy, $1,950.00

18k Gold Antique White Pearl and Diamond Engagement Ring on Etsy, $1,950.00

Brightness color and carat with a vast array of options, is a popular choice for gold engagement rings, it’s not surprising. If you are considering this precious metal for jewelry, gold engagement rings features, maintenance, pricing and styles, it is important to understand the basics about.

Platinum or precious metals such as silver, comes in a single color, and have a special purity requirement set for jewelry while gold is filled with options. Various other metals is mixed with gold, jewelers in a variety of colors and produce a ring in various economic price point.

On its own, gold is a very soft metal. This makes it softer than every precious metal and almost any object that they encounter in everyday life, pure gold jewelers means harm.

Due to this softness, jewelers gold ring makes it more resistant alloys, or metal combinations you can create. You’re the golden ring, a carat (k) you may notice that is marked with the value. This setting value, the purity of the gold to you, or tells you how real gold jewelry. Each is the product of a karat gold 24/01. This pricing and durability in mind, it is important to understand that as well.


Gold jewelry comes in many to conform, but the most popular include:

  • 24 k-This 24/24 is pure gold or soft for a ring and the most expensive option.
  • 18 k-18/24 gold, or nearly 75% gold and 25% is other metals. This type is more durable and less expensive than pure gold.
  • 14 k-This 14/24 gold or approximately 58% 42% is gold and other metals. More durable than 18 k and 24 k gold and also it is less costly.
  • 10 k-10/24 gold or approximately 42% 58% is gold and other metals. This is one of the most expensive options and is quite durable.

Jewelers often increase the durability and reduce the cost of this metal mix gold with the other side; consumers have a wide variety of color options means. For example, copper, nickel, silver and zinc alloy used in the other metals, is adding a bit of its own color finished parts.

The following beautiful colors, including engagement rings, gold jewelry, you’ll see.

  • Yellow Gold-pure gold, as well as set amounts of copper and gold alloys containing silver, it has a warm, classic color shade. Yellow Gold, the traditional diamond engagement rings is the perfect choice for yellow diamonds, sapphires, and he and other stones, it looks good.
  • White Gold-White Gold Platinum has a warmer tone a little bit. This Silver and nickel with white metals, such as gold comes from combining. Typically, white gold engagement rings for their silvery shine are rhodium plated to improve. White gold diamonds, including looks great with almost any stone.
  • Rose gold-rose gold is a beautiful and non-traditional. In addition to this, type of copper with soft gold, a pink light. This ruby and pink sapphires is a great choice for warm-colored stones and also looks good with diamonds.

Choice of Gold engagement ring

The gold engagement ring is a classic, a luxury option for and there are many benefits. However, at the same time, there are several potential drawbacks for this precious metal. Gold jewelers to understand the pros and cons can help you make an informed decision.


If the engagement rings you may want to choose gold for various reasons:

  • Cost-compared to platinum, most gold engagement rings are more appropriate. Difference in the price of gold purity, manufacturer or brand name, and the amount of metal that is used in an environment depends on a number of factors, including the. However, gold is almost always more cost-efficient.
  • Stability-Gold does not react with many other chemicals, so I’m going to wear it every day is a great choice for jewelry. This Silver tarnish or rust like iron, such as will not work.
  • Design choices as an alloy of gold or even, is highly flexible. This goldsmith, engraving, filigree and other details with the precision refers to work into your designs. You gold rings silver and some other metals tend to be prepared; you’ll find that more detailed rings.
  • Status-as A jewelry metal gold long tradition, there are many on the market due to the gold engagement ring designs. You’ll see the local jeweler and online Jewelers gold rings. • Options-available in different colors and different price points, gold, other precious metal offers more options. You meet your budget or your favorite jewelry to compliment a child to choose a custom color you can choose the level of purity.


Although many benefits of selecting gold, before making a purchase there are also a few things into consideration to buy.

  • Durability-gold, despite the very strong and doesn’t stain, extremely soft. The higher the purity of the gold, he is likely as pliable or when forced to twist. Also you can with regular wear won’t scratch or dull. 14 k or 18 k gold ring can help make it more resistant to be selected. • Allergies-pure gold hypoallergenic, although very little is made of 24 k gold engagement rings. People who are allergic to Nickel Metal allergy, especially, need to use caution when choosing a gold engagement ring. If you are a metal-sensitive, be sure you know your jewelry mixed with gold.


Most Preferred Gold Engagement Rings

Looking for some inspiration in choosing a gold ring? It’s amazing some of the options to consider.

Classic Diamond Solitaire

A classic Solitaire fashions is a traditional woman who wants a ring is an ideal choice for. Available at Amazon.com, these diamond solitaires has it all. 14 k Yellow Gold set, 1/2 Carat round cut diamonds, simple and elegant. This ring sizes are sold at rates of about $ 630 four and nine.

Rose Beauty

For a unique selection, rose gold and select a ring with a non-traditional gem. Gemvara Round-Cut from a gleaming 14 k Ring set atop between six millimeters, round-cut pink sapphires gold band features beautiful Roses is an option. Pink sapphires isn’t your style, you can customize the ring with your choice of jewelry if Central. This is just under four revenue and 10 with the dimensions of the $ 1,700 price sold.

Contemporary Sparkle

Gold may be, or may be the ultra-modern classic. If you love contemporary style, striking lines and plenty of Sparkle, look for a gold ring. Amazon.com from Twisting Split Shank Ring 0.5 carats of diamonds is a spectacular little Contemporary with an asymmetrical environment are round cut diamond carats, 0.8. 14 k, white, yellow, or rose gold is preferable, its dimensions are 9.5 and four is coming. These rings are sold for about $ 2,500.

Old-Style Elegance

If you like vintage glamour, consider a gold ring that expresses personal style. You can choose your favorite gem for the Center and you can choose your favorite color of gold for the setting. This kind of a carat oval diamond and 14 k white gold ring with four Cast through 10 retails for $ 5,200, comes in sizes.

Two Tone Style

You do not have to settle for a single gold tone. This precious metal is available in different shades, this ring might be fun to combine the two of them. Amazon.com from Diamond Halo Ring white 14 k two-color properties and a group nested rose gold round cut Center diamond 0.5 carats, band accented with a tiny diamond in the row. Available in size between three and nine, sold for about $ 1,700.

Maintenance of the Golden Ring

Your gold engagement ring is designed to pass the test of time, but it’s nice-looking for next year, it is important to take some steps to keep time. Consider these tips.

  1. Garden cleaning, or take off your ring while doing other things with your hands. This will keep the metal being scratched.
  2. To clear the ring, a soft soap and water or use a Gold-Certified jewelry cleaner. Do not use harsh chemicals.
  3. From time to time a jeweler by control ring is so docile, gold fork and can result in lost stones loosen and settings. Certified jeweler will keep a quick check secure setting.
  4. Wear the ring for a while, other jewelry, a separate box to keep it from being scratched by the store if you are not going to.


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