05 November 2014

Filigree Engagement Rings

Filigree Engagement Rings

What are the properties of filigree engagement rings? What are the types of filigree engagement rings? Which types of designs are used for filigree engagement rings? In this written paper, you can find about these questions answers.

Their delicate, ornamental designs and designed with motifs in a style of romantic , filigree engagement rings are popular with exquisitely detailed jewelry lovers’ brides-to-be. Modern filigree detailed antique-inspired settings, rings; there are a lot of wonderful designs. This exquisite filigree ring before selecting one of these and how to select a quality engagement ring helps to know a bit about.

Filigree lace-like designs usually threads into detailed and precious metal beads includes arranging a metal technique. Common motifs, flowers, vines, our heart and includes developing. Sometimes, this additional engraving or small diamond added in the ring or stone accents.


The filigree metalwork comes in an engagement ring setting features there are several reasons to choose:

Precious metals are usually less expensive than precious stones because it is a relatively inexpensive way to decorate filigree rings. He moved to a smaller diamond or central you can add Visual pop. Even a brand new filigree engagement ring is timeless, classic look, giving the old and romantic. Filigree engagement ring is complex nature guarantees that don’t look like everyone else. This is a great choice for the bride who wants to wriggle out of ring-to-be.


Before you decide on a filigree setting, it is important to keep in mind a few precautions:

  • If you choose a unique ring, especially carefully search for the ring selection. Common filigree designs can be mass produced and is featured in various circles.
  • Carefully check the specific ring. The symmetry of the design metal works, check for sturdiness and pattern sensitivity.
  • Understand the delicate, filigree in nature. This is an object on any means hurt accidentally catch ring openwork.
  • Maintenance and repair services. Filigree rings several major jewelers, it is not possible to work on other trades and special arrangements may be necessary for the service.


Filigree settings 24 k Gold Platinum and silver, the precious metals come in all sorts. If you prefer a filigree engagement ring with openwork, in this environment, it is important to consider the durability of valuable metal used. You can have your ring using the most durable precious metal now as it is today is as good as 50 years from now.

  • Platinum-this is more durable than gold, Platinum is the perfect choice for a filigree design. However, they also have the most expensive precious metal used in jewelry and your budget might not be.
  • 24 k gold: 24 k gold, white gold, yellow gold or not is another option; a filigree ring is a great choice for you. High carat gold is very soft and the public with the content can be prone to damage.
  • 14 k gold: Filigree ring 14 k gold in any color is the perfect choice for you. Gold is mixed with other metals, so it is an alloy; high setting content options are more durable.
  • 10 k gold: 10 k makes a selection of a more durable and affordable gold. You look good in a filigree design in a variety of colors; you can find 10 k gold.

Sterling silver filigree design is durable and precision since support of Sterling Silver; it also is a good choice. Some couples feel special enough for an engagement ring, even though there’s much more affordable than other precious metals.

Metal filigree engagement rings affect the cost of a single type of factor is not. Ounce-for-ounce, sometimes a filigree setting are made by hand, especially a simple counterpart costs more. This detailed Lacy designs to create skilled labor because it takes. However, many with spectacular filigree also has pre-made settings, therefore you will not see this cost increase each time.

A filigree ring cost numbers are a few ways to keep down the cost of:

  • Choose the less expensive precious metal.
  • Select a setting that is not handmade.
  • The smaller or the more expensive options, select a diamond or gemstone is not clear.


Filigree Engagement Ring Styles

Filigree rings come in a variety of styles and materials. Choosing the perfect ring for you to understand the choice can help.

Diamond Filigree Engagement Rings

A beautiful filigree setting can give the appearance of a sweet vintage diamond ring. At the same time, you can add sparkle and interest to Central diamond. Consider some of these beautiful styles:

  • Art Deco Filigree flowers and Wheat a diamond engagement ring-this stunning 14 k has a detailed filigree setting with the motif of the Mall botanical Antique Jewelry rose gold ring. A gleam of 0.34 carats of round brilliant diamonds are in the center. This pretty ring sold for just under $ 1100.
  • Vintage-Style Filigree Diamond Wedding rings-enchanting traditional diamond engagement ring vintage style a little, this gorgeous ring form is a nice selection.The14k white gold band made up of detailed filigree and accented with diamonds, small. A 1.5-carat, cushion-cut Center diamond in the Center. That’s just over $ rates rose from approximately 11.3 thousand sold.
  • Antique-Style Diamond Wedding rings-Marlene Harris Collection from this stunning 18 k white gold rings, filigree detailed flowers surrounding a Center stone round diamond has the job. Even the ends of flower petals are masquerading as part of the design. It sells for about $ 800.


Filigree engagement rings designed with Diamonds

Filigree rings Diamonds is not the only option. In fact, Sapphire, Garnet, diamonds and other precious stones that mimic this vintage style designs are very popular. If you are looking for an alternative to style of tradition, these are the options:


  • Ancient-Style Filigree wedding ring, Moissanite-round cut at the center of this beautiful ring of 0.88 carats, Amazon.com, Moissanite 14 k White Gold filigree setting glows. Around are set individually by the band with Milgrain It sells for around $ 2000.


  • Blue Sapphire Filigree engagement rings Art Deco Carved-affordable for couples on a budget and offers a nice selection of antique jewelry filigree rings produced this beautiful Center of silver. 0.90 carat, lab created blue Sapphire sensitive environment shines. These are sold at the price of $ 105.


  • Antique-Style Filigree Aquamarine wedding ring-The filigree ring this beautiful flower from Marlene Harris Collection leaf-shaped teeth are supported by an oval, 0.60 Carat aquamarine has.The14k white gold setting, flowers, leaves, and wheat has. These are sold at the price of $ 650.


  • Antique-Style Filigree Rhodolite Garnet Ring-this gorgeous ring from Jan’s Jewels about 1900The exquisite 14 k White Gold filigree setting die from an original ring made a 0.50-Carat rhodolite Garnet supports. These are sold at the price of around $ 500.


If you are looking for a unique filigree engagement ring, think about buying an antique design. These rings have a history, and they were in the past years, we offer an authentic look at the styles of jewelry. If a beautiful antique filigree ring or get a new ring that contains great buy this stunning pieces of art of delicate jewelers, lace, you’ll love the nature. Personal style and select a filigree engagement ring that fits your budget and you will love for the rest of your life will have a design.

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