23 October 2014

Meaning and Importance of Engagement Rings

Meaning and Importance of the Rings …

To wear rings, is based on before christian era. According to old beliefs, arms, hands, wrists, neck, metal the wearing will away those all evils, it was believed. As time passes, jewelry, humans became the symbol of beauty. Later, the Jewelry & Watches was shown an engagement status. A person is engagement, and married, is indicative of the ring was. If you look a person is married or engaged to them without asking, you understand by looking at the fingers. So, from where came, jewelry and ring tradition? What is the importance? They’re getting married and married people, their wives how jewelry should take? What is the meaning of the icons? If you will ask. Here in this article I you will find them all.

Arunashi moonstone ring

Arunashi moonstone ring

According to belief, men and women are like two halves of an apple. Men and women to get together, reflect a complete human. Love, and love is likewise. For this reason people since prehistoric times, their relationship have reflected outwards.

When the return date, women always have been regarded as the most valuable asset for men. Sometimes for women, even wars in history has emerged. Men are ownership of women, to prevent the escape to somebody else, linen or knitted from reeds used a ropes or leather. Men ropes for the first time this woman’s feet and hands tied to prevent escape though. Men, women understand that when escape from, if solve at the foot rope. Once you are sure that flee the hands from its anchoring just connect the rope if a finger. Thus, braided rope finger inserted, the ring becomes. According to another claim; rings of about 4,800 years, based on the Ancient Egypt has a long history. The ancestor of the Rings, as implemented in the Ancient Egypt, hemp type of plants, ring shape Giving a is situated. Ring, nature, in supernatural powers, and connected to it on the immortal love. This is also of great significance in the old societies, the sun and the moon, was the shape. and that was the symbol. Romans, ring material, plants instead of a symbol of strength and endurance  which began to use iron. At this stage, a symbol of marriage rings, only  worn by women, in a sense, an indication of their husbands’ property  was intends be an engagement. Both the Romans and the Egyptians, ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, were wearing. It’s vessel passing through the fingers, is thought to go directly to the heart, and it was emphasized that there is a permanent symbol of love. In addition, this finger, not much wear soft metal, and, the fingers, it did not hurt much.In the next stage, which can be bent labyrinth, riddle rings came to the agenda. This ring is the first in Asia about 2000 years ago come out, with more marriages for the first trade routes they came to be used in Central Asia. Especially sultans and sheikhs by all wives, as a guarantee of loyalty Inserting was made mandatory. Afterwards, rings made ​​of gold, and over them, love knot, holding hands in processing, began to be added. In 860, Pope Nicolas, as a sign of marriage and engagement, gold rings should be used, he said. Also, with this event for the first time, the engagement ring was going on with the wedding rings separated from each other. However, the precise distinction, in the 12th century Pope III. Innocent’s marriage, addition of to the ring, and made of the ceremony in the church, when it was brought the condition. Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477, the Mary Burgundy’l, with his diamond engagement rings, diamond rings have become a part of. During this period and throughout the Middle Ages, diamonds, hardness and lasting love, the biggest indicator, due to used in engagement rings. At the same time, rare, and expensive, so it was only can be used by very rich. Renaissance, with silver rings, has a great importance, and throughout 17th century, has maintained its position as the wedding ring. In the same period, American conservatives, wedding ring, completely have rejected. According to them, jewelry, immoral and simplify people was a factor. As a result, marriage as engagement ringsinstead thimble (while sewing needle order to prevent from sinking in the form of truncated cone attached to the finger tip saver) were used. However, women after marriage, usually by cutting off the tip of the thimble rings made up the them. Victoria Period (1837-1901) rings, twin hearts, flowers are shaped, Edward Period (1901-1910) leaf indents, was shaped with of silver processing. Its Art Deco movement started after the ring is more simple, had a modern image. During World War 2, they left behind their wives of men who were conscripted to remember with installing, first began to be used by men. Each with different meanings in different cultures in society, such a ring does not matter. India, Bangladesh, in countries such as marriage, engagement ring for use as, by the influence of western culture has become widespread in recent years. For example, Indian women were married, middle part of the front their hair painted red, taken in the middle of putting indicate the engagements of marriage.

In recent years, the most preferred materials for marriage, gold or platinum, diamonds for engagements and is mostly preferred by of couples can vary from country to country. Even some of couples a little more to personalize the marriage began to print tattooed on their engagements finger. However, these rings, in case of separation of couples, as other rings, a fact that can easily get out of your fingers :))


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