31 October 2014

Popular Engagement Ring Designers

We will list the most popular designers of engagement rings with a brief explanation of each one.

  • Which brands are popular in engagement rings designs?
  • Who are the most popular and most preferred designers for engagement rings and wedding bands? 

Wedding planning in various resolutions and only happens once in your life, the best and most appropriate for this important day to select things that require spending long time. Many things, the most important thing for this historic day, but what is more important is to expire at the end of the wedding ceremony unlike other things forever an engagement ring wedding requires I thinking.

What makes this different from every other public engagement rings and rings and diamond setting is used for the cutting of stones used for inlay of precious metals. The most common precious metals, white, yellow or any other color whether the 14 k and 18 k gold. 14 k gold 18 k gold is believed to be more powerful and safer than the stones will hold. To get the best and highest quality for engagement rings, you should look for the best jewelers. Here are the 10 best engagement ring designers is a quick glance.

David Yurman

This is an American company for jewelry design. This David Yurman and Sybil Yurman by established in 1980. Company’s headquarters in New York City, New York, located in the United States. His ring Diamond cut themselves and their reputation with the cable and the crossover designs.


Barry Verragio fine jewelry design has more than 20 years of experience in the field, and he let him design a ring Master New York Technology studied at the fashion Institute.

Jeff Cooper

The devastation that this is the most refined and delicate rings design means that experienced nearly 40 years in the field was founded in 1976.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany founded in 1837 by the York, United States, and Charles Lewis. This diamond is jewelry, silver, personal accessories, and other known to sell luxury goods.


It was founded by Haig Tacorian and is based in California. Tacori is presented by the engagement rings is a combination of classical elegance and a modern inspiration.

Harry Winston

A Railroad Tycoon Henry Huntington and after his death his wife Arabella Huntington, purchased was that widely known jewelry collection. Her work started out as a de facto. Harry Winston to be more contemporary, old fashion collection has been redesigned.

Michael B

He’s 16 years old, one of the best Jewelry houses in Istanbul began designing jewelry, she starting from metal jewelry making became aware of all the details and diamond to create an attractive engagement rings and wedding set design, and it is extremely over. To make those engagement rings began using Platinum in 1990.

Charles Colvard’s discovery

This is the most important supplier of Moissanite is all over the world. This is necessary to provide the market with Moissanite was established in 1995 and in 1998, Moissanite can be found at all, and also because it is cheaper than diamond engagement rings is known as the most brilliant stones used in construction has begun. Charles Colvard offers engagement rings by & 14 k Yellow Gold, 14 k White Gold or Palladium is made.


This production of jewelry and other luxury goods is an Italian company specialized in. Is that Sotirios Voulgaris by was established in 1884. Its headquarters are located in Rome, Italy. Products traded under the name of Bvlgari. These sapphires, rubies and emeralds using different designs, types, and uses his colors to make Platinum Rings.


Cartier is the world’s most famous and oldest designers and jewelry, but also the wristwatch is one of the only vendors. Louis-Francois Cartier was established in 1847 and by the Center in France. Cartier, especially royalty, celebrities and rich people for the production of fine jewelry for parts is known throughout history.

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