02 November 2014

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Our parents, and even their parents in a timely manner, as though these tasks were more easily. Now, too, came out diamond Solitaire engagement rings. While the marriage proposal, diamond Solitaire rings, if not, may be an little uninspiring at night. Fortunately diamond Solitaire ring designs in, will appeal to every budget, there are models. When selecting diamond Solitaire engagement ring, how to, we should pay attention to? Solitaire rings in price, what are the effects? Everything you’re wondering about Solitaire diamond engagement rings can be found in my article.

Diamond Solitaire rings, diamond’s durability, and the formation of, ongoing for thousands of years, due, representing eternity and loyalty. The processing of diamonds, which is a technique used, the diamonds, the rough diamond, to be seen by the most brilliant shape, provide a cutting. So in Solitaire rings, diamond is preferred. However, oval, marquise, princess, pear, and so with the other parts, processed diamonds are used in a Solitaire ring. The reason why diamond is so popular, stone of light obtained, is at the maximum level and dazzling.

Nowadays, used for engagement, Solitaire ring color options, carat, clarity, such as options, because of a lot of people that makes unstable, muggy and complicated, but it will be enable you to decide, there are a few steps.

Primarily Solitaire diamond rings you plan to purchase, together with wedding rings you will wear during the wedding, try to envision.

How to Choose a Diamond Solitaire?

Diamond Solitaire ring for you first need to to determine your budget. Before you read this page, if you look at the diamond sales website, so you would see a wide range of prices. You can determine the properties of the diamond after determining your budget.

Which Diamond Rings More Affordable?

This depends entirely a matter of your budget. However, we can give you an idea as follows; clarity rate, VS, VVS1, which between the color scheme I ‘either diamonds so that may be ideal for a Solitaire ring. Below it value would have been nicer, but the price will increase exponentially to that extent.

Must Be a How many carat stone?

For diamond Solitaire rings, today, 1-2 carats up to 0.10 carats in stores, you can find rings in different sizes. Directly proportional to allocate your money, you’ll have to make a choice. The stone, color and clarity rates, by reducing, increasing size, to remain in the same price possible. However, the brilliance of the stone, to be decreases We do not recommend it.

Must Have Diamond Solitaire necessarily?

No, not necessarily. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other precious stones can be like that, even a pebble, you can make it ring. This ring, does not represent your love? Then, you can it what you want.

Diamond Solitaire, is the Famous Brand Purchase must be received?

Known of the brands, diamond Solitaire, the advantage of buying the stone quality, and dealing with the reality of any doubt, you will not hear, can provide. However, the stone buying Moreover, you can also ring at a jewelry store, you can make. This takes time and a little more at an affordable price, good rings, you can have. Do not forget to obtain a certificate for the stone.

Diamond “Double stone” One Thing Exist?

Yes have. You have what you want, because firms in order to sell more diamonds, with thousands design, they have taken their place. Double stone diamond ring, “You and Me”; history, current time, and represent the future, the three stone rings, “tria” is called. Apart from these, 5 stones, 7 and 9 stone, rings also exist in the collection.

As mentioned above, before buying Solitaire diamond, the first thing to do, for this ring, you must have the money you spend. Or are, eye-catching designs, and diamonds lost among all the wedding expenses, you can spend on a ring. If it’s not a surprise, along with your prospective wife you can visit the diamond store, and enjoyed that ring, you can allow the taking.

Solitaire ring While Buying

Whether Solitaire rings, or necklace bracelets, earrings, or get another accessory, the first thing to take into account, in English cut, clarity, color and carat of, 4C rule is used as an abbreviation. Cut, clarity, color and carat … these features determine the value of diamonds, and none of them is not more effective than the other. So clarity of the diamond, least up to carats; Carat is also, least as important as color. Cut shapes, Among, although most fashion diamond, emerald cut, oval, and drop cut, princess cut, and if your budget if, in accordance with your wishes completely cut, given the kind of way you want. However, diamond cutting, rough diamond, the most brilliant showing technique is preferred because it is.

Colour: in English, “fancy colored diamonds”; so pink, blue, black, such as green, are rarely found, diamonds, if we exclude list, in white diamonds, the best color is the most colorless.

Cutting: Many people confuses the diamond with brillant. As noted in other pages diamonds, rough diamond, the shape of the cut is just one. The aim here is the raw stone, the largest possible, polished diamonds, remove it. Therefore, according to the rough diamond shape, various cutting styles. However the diamond, to get the most light, brilliant cut, in general, is an accepted way of cutting. The diamond cutting process, is as important as the quality of the stone, while working on a perfect gem, errors may occur and may reduce the value of the stone.

Clarity: be careful when buying Solitaire, Another feature is the stone clarity rate. Clarity means, foreign substances in the stone, pits, and scratches is the ratio. This is determined according to international measurement table. These defects can not be seen with the naked eye, but visible when magnified 10 times the stone, light, fully reflected to impede. Diamond, the clarity table that the F value from perfect, SI1-SI2 values ​​which, until the defective stone, values ​​may vary.

Carat: Carat, the processed diamond is the Weight Measurement Unit. Rough diamonds and other precious stones are used for. A stone, carat value denominated, always with stone size is not directly proportional.

If, over 1 carat, you buy a Solitaire, an international diamond certification, “the AGS Certificate”, or “GIA Certificate”you can request. For smaller stones, the store where you purchased it, you can receive a certificate written by the stone features.



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