30 October 2014

Some famous Diamond Engagement Ring Brands

Jonker Diamond was named, after finding 726-carat stone, rich, took the diamond seeker. In 1934, one of the mine workers, before when they find this diamond in egg size in a barrel, it was as if a piece of glass. Jonker diamond, is located in the years, brought to Earth, the 4th largest jewel-quality diamonds in. Cutting surface, which is the largest diamond, the Cullinan diamond, because it matches a piece of crystal Cullinan, indicating that is, the speculation was made​​. Jonker lost fortune won by this discovery, and in his hand, just as capital had begun. Diamond in 1977, in Hong Kong, 2.2594 million US dollars to have been sold.

Golden Jubilee: Golden Jubilee, in 1986, found in South Africa. Formerly “Untitled Brown Diamond”, called in the 755.50 carats, fancy yellow-brown color in the diamond, the 545.67 carats, the world’s, largest diamond cut has that feature. Stone Design belongs to Gabi Tolkowsky. A group of businessmen from Thailand, the 50th anniversary of accession to the throne, to celebrate, in 1997, Untitled Diamond Brown, the King of Thailand, was a gift. Called the Golden Jubilee diamond, it is still exhibited in Royal Museum in Bangkok.

The Dresden Green Diamond: The world’s largest green diamond (40 carats), famous for being the stone that weighs 40.70 carats. II. Frederic Augustus, in 1743, the Fair Leipzing about 150,000 dollars, so bought this about diamonds, nothing was known. The form of a very detailed shoulder knot, seated onto the Montura this stone, under the Dresden Palace, the famous Green in crates, were screenings with Saxony Crown Jewels. After World War II, the Russians seized those jewel. However, in 1958, were returned to Dresden and the Dresden Green, again, took part in the exhibition in the palace.

Regent Diamond:   Weight of 410 carat Regent diamond, which was discovered in India in 1701. For processing, the diamond sent to England, was sold to Thomas Pitt. As a result, extremely shiny, 140-carat, cushion-shaped diamond output. Was sold to the Duke of Orleans in 1717. It is time for France Rejans began to be referred to by name Regent. Located in the many royal diamond decorations, XV. Louis’s crown, the Queen Marie’s hair, and in Marie Antoinette’s hat, which was used as an accessory. After the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte Diamond in the hilt of the sword, was used. When Napoleon Bonaparte died, his wife Maria Louisa Regent brought back to Austria. Then his father, it was returned to the French Crown Jewels Collection. Today, the Louvre Museum is located in the French Royal Treasury.

The Centenary Diamond: Centenary Diamond, De Beers launched the company in honor of the 100th celebrations, the 273-carat diamond. Has been found so far, the largest, D color diamond Centenary Diamond, which, by Gabi Tolkowsky, was cut from the 599 carat piece. In any unused jewel, and value is determined as $ 100 million, this diamond has become an icon for De Beers.

The Cullinan Diamond: 1905 was found in the Premier Mine, this gigantic ore, 3,106 carats, was divided into nine parts. Of them, the most famous and valuable, Cullen 1 was called, cut pear-shaped, is Africa Star. 530 carats in weight, Africa Star, with excellent cut and color, King of England, VII. Edward has been a gift, and still adorns the Sceptre.


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