26 October 2014

The world the Most Expensive Engagement Ring

People, since they realized the presence of precious stones, the most magnificent gift, the most expensive accessory, and it was the most inaccessible request. Fashion was never pass …Nature, most rare, and is one of the precious gift, the diamond, billions of years ago, in the heart of the world, the beginning of almost time, are known to occur. The story ongoing throughout history passion, intrigue, and is filled with mystery. This valuable coin, obtained by processing, while diamonds, past to present, love and is a symbol of passion.Jewelry is the biggest passion of course, women. Which woman a pair of diamond earrings, or, a necklace ornamented with diamonds, ‘No,’ might sayI think no one else ..So is there’s fashion jewelry? Both yes and no.

The Most Expensive Gemstones in the World

The Most Expensive Gemstones in the World

3.5 billion-year history of diamonds, in nature, the rarest stones. For one carat diamonds, (which makes 0.2 grams) 250 tons of kimberlite rock is broken. In 1200, the Ottoman Empire, diamonds, was the symbol of power and the nobility. The biggest prize would be the diamond. Single stone used in engagement rings for the first time, coincides with the 1477 year. Austrian Archduke Maximillian, built a single stone as a token of love and devotion to his fiancee. Since then, the only stone diamond symbol for love.

First Diamond Engagement Rings Produced from One Piece ┬áLadies, that incomprehensible obsession, diamond rings in the event, this is a design the groundbreaking. Jewellery, if women’s best friends, this engagement ring, anything on other than best friend … Produced by Swiss jewelry company Shawish, the most expensive, “the world’s first diamond” ring, worth about $ 70 million.

All a diamond engagement ring what do you think?

In jewelry, different and unusual designs of various brands, from time to time in the work they perform, comes to our face. One of these, the Swiss jewelry brand, made by Shawish, all diamond engagement ring. A first in the world, and all consisting of diamonds, 150 carats ring, laser, and conventional cutting techniques, was cut using.

Immortal is a value, a diamond, a Swiss jewelry company, by Shawish, brought a new comment. 150-carat, diamond produced from a single piece of this engagement ring is a masterpiece, be said to.

Shawish signed, 70 million dollars, this extraordinary engagement ring; world, made from one piece of diamonds, the feature of being first ring. The rings, which occurred and the diamond stone, a full 150 carats.

The manufacturer of the Rings, even for Shawish Jewellery, designing such a valuable piece, and production, which may seem like adventurousness; become the end of the ring, resulting work only, not for the people who will buy this ring, it is also ready to create an artistic producer.

Laser the help, diamond stone, carved to, and then, diamonds, shaping, emerged through this piece, collector’s, as a jewel, the list of the world’s first, there already had printed her name.

Everyone, Kim Kardashian, wearing the $ 2 million engagement ring, the greatest, was thought it was no, but this ring, exactly 150 carats. It distinguishes from other diamonds, and the first that is, anywhere, have been used white gold. That ring is made completely diamonds.

This engagement ring on, who would give so much money, and the question subject of curiosity. In the past months, an Asian buyer, Elizabeth Taylor’s 33.19-carat ring on, gave 8.8 million dollars. Consisting of all 150 carats of diamonds, this engagement ring at a reasonable price: only $ 70 million ­čÖé

To buy the ring, the Russian rich, that wait in between the information.


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