07 March 2015

Top Ten Blue Stony Engagement Rings

Top Ten Blue Stony Engagement Rings

Topaz Stony Engagement Ring: Topaz stone is found in a variety of colors. Transparently or semi-transparent. Most popular and commonly used is blue topaz. Known as one of the most powerful stone, topaz stone is good for many diseases. Therefore, the topaz stone has become one of the most precious stones. Topaz stone, in the spiritual sense, abundance of believed that invoke. Topaz “Abundance Stone” is also known as. Resolves conflicts between the lovers. Of artistic the aspects of person, is brought to the fore, calms the mind, relaxes the body. “Love Stone” also called the topaz is known that protect the lovers.

1 Blue Topaz Engagement Ring 2 Blue Topaz Stony Engagement Ring


Agate Stony Engagement Ring: Blue colored agate are protected from the evil eye. In addition, even with only a color, people refreshes. Agate stony engagement ring is also used to increase the self-confidence. Blue Agate Stone, calm, and sense of self-confidence, strengthens. To concentrate on on the subject, and it helps to talk. Soothes the nervous disorders, and speech will be held in front of the communityresolves excitement.

3 Blue Agate Engagement Ring 4 Blue Agate Engagement Ring


Chalcedony Stony Engagement Rings: Emotional balance, vitality, endurance, blood circulation, and regulate energy. Compassion, joy, and increases the feeling of friendship. Move the blue chalcedony, strengthens the bonds of brotherhood. Blue chalcedony stone engagement ring helpfulness, good wishes, generosity, provide foresight. This stone is also  and good wishes symbolizes. Generosity, sensitivity, improves understanding. Protective properties, so it is a stone that can be used for evil. Prevent negative energy. It strengthens the idea of capabilities provides good speech. Makes it easy to adapt to change. Mental, emotional and spiritual balancing. Increasing the strength of the mind, the treatment of dementia

5 Blue Chalcedony Engagement Ring 6 Chalcedony Stony Engagement Rings


Turquoise Stony Engagement Rings: Turquoise stone is one of very precious and popular stone. It is very precious and expensive stones. Are very common in the market to fake. Turquoise is believed to protect against the evil eye. As jewelry, ladies of the most commonly used, is one of stone. Turquoise stony engagement ring is known as the cornerstone of peace between couples. Turkuaz is when embedded in silver, known to increase the balance. Gives calmness to people, and destroys concerns. Color and high energy, thanks to, give peace. Especially ladies rings, necklaces, bracelets & earring are used too much. Blood pressure regulating effect as well.

7 8 Turquoise Stony Engagement Ring

Stones persons, and persons also to the stone, gives a different identity. Both sides give each other a separate of energy.


9 A sapphire and diamond ring featuring a round-cut sapphire weighing approximately 4.95 carats; mounted in nine karat white gold 10 An exceptional coloured diamond ring, by Moussaieff


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