23 October 2014

Trends of Engagement Rings for the Concept of Past, Present and Future

What are the trends of engagement rings depending on time? What is the scale of changes for engagement rings design? We will express the trends of engagement rings in a perspective of past, present and prediction about future.

Modern engagement ring not previously, the ancient Egyptians has a history of big back. Here is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment so far from that moment on, I have a clearer timeline.

1800's engagement ring

1800’s engagement ring

Ancient History: Egyptians are directly connected to the heart, a vessel was believed to be left by the hands, and their third finger was found buried with metal wire around. Engagement rings are also used to some extent in ancient Rome.

In the middle ages: most historians say little of Archduke Maximillian Austria Burgundy M diamond gold ring with the letter, Mary gives an engagement diamond ring to mark the first use you agree that in the year 1477.

1500-1700s: engagement and wedding rings in Shakespeare’s plays are and by reference to the 1600s and 1700s in Europe are usually cut into a line of poetry or inner a love message with poesy or Posie .Stardoll’s rings, silver or gold band are exchanged. Sometimes a silver ring will be given on the occasion of an engagement, and will be replaced with a gold ring on the wedding.

Late 1800s: Dear Queen Victoria (usually arranged Royal marriages diplomatic or economic reasons for rare) falls in love with her husband, Albert is due to the fact that in the UK a lot of romantic Victorian in part, regarded as the duration. Victorian engagement rings typically hearts, bows, flowers and (was seen as a symbol for infinity) even has snake-like whimsy and romantic motifs. After a large deposit of diamonds discovered in South Africa towards the end of the Victorian diamond engagement rings became a common feature of the other. Tiffany & Co. clarity, since that time, engagement rings to maximize a style have influenced the band raised up six diamonds on the teeth of “Tiffany was setting” introduced.

In the early 1900s: Edwardian engagement rings I saw into the social customs are widely accepted. The industrial revolution, increasing prosperity and a growing middle class in Europe and the Americas had brought about much, so fine jewelry can be reached more people than ever before. Edward engagement rings are usually ornate lace and Platinum designs contained diamonds.

1920s-1930s: Edward rings compared to 20s and 30s engagement rings, Art Deco aesthetic and modern day reflecting his love of all things was seen as more feminine and less obvious geometric. They often Platinum or white gold diamond and Sapphire and rubies set usually like-colored with precious stones accents from all over the World.

1940s: World War II despite the difficulties, 1940 engagement rings, usually was large and thick. These ribbons, bows and flowers, such as designs and sinuous feminine motifs featured on the. This is used for the war effort, so gold was scarce precious metal Platinum because it was the choice. Diamond rings for the most desirable although precious stone, synthetic Ruby and Sapphire usually budget conscious shoppers returned.

1950s: Audrey Hepburn’s husband, Mel Ferrer and yellow style-conscious stars giving the rings, stackable rings in different metals going still strong today started a style trend and rose gold, so you can switch them out to match her outfit.

The 1960s: he saw the famous engagement ring to increase these ten titles. in 1963, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim and Kanye 15 Carat ring makes it look almost tiny 33-Carat asscher-cut diamond, featuring gave to the public. And at the beginning of the Decade, first lady Jacqueline Kennedy different diamond and Emerald engagement ring many brides-to-be has made an in-demand Emerald Gemstone.

1970s: Princess cut and glimmering Khan invented or perfected in the 70s and embraced new and different frame shapes and with many of the traditions of the past away makes a fitting for generations, were very popular for engagement rings.

1980s: on engagement and wedding Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and his oval sapphire engagement ring was a large sapphire set off the trend.

1990s-present: the most in recent years, no one has decided the trend. Because the internet section, couples engagement rings and more access to information about different styles to choose from than ever before have the ability to dominate for much more of the same base, view Styles … will rise and fall in popularity year on year despite a prominent twentieth-century-the most sought after at the beginning of a bright ring to be twenty-first diamond-continues.

Next: we certainly can’t predict the future, but we are seeing some trends in engagement rings today for quite a long time we expect will continue. This antique engagement rings, vintage-inspired styles and delicate, includes nature-influenced designs. A trend that will continue and prediction: they gave a little tweak by choosing a different color is a custom design, or an antique, a classic look means it is unique and their style says something about an engagement ring a Couple who wish to metal or unexpected gems. But regardless of what the future holds, we can never out of fashion one-metals are socially conscious and eco-friendly trend making rings with gems and valuable sourced ethically recycled I think!

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