04 November 2014

Victorian Engagement Rings

Victorian Engagement Rings

What is the style and properties of Victorian engagement rings? Which shapes are used for Victorian engagement rings designed? What is the quality of Victorian engagement rings? You can reach the answers of these questions and much information about them in this written text.

Early Victorian 18k Gold Rose Cut Diamond Flower Cluster Engagement Ring

Early Victorian 18k Gold Rose Cut Diamond Flower Cluster Engagement Ring

Victorian engagement rings their styles vary from the simple to complex and usually yellow or rose gold is made between 1837 and 1901. Popular gems just did not contain diamonds. On the contrary, the colored stones in the previous years due to the great Victorian diamond engagement rings will be given as much scarcity was more. Just as it is today, it worn on the third finger left hand Victoria Bridal jewelry? Typical Victoria Wedding Rings

What changes the typical Victorian engagement rings? Before 1870, or even an engagement ring with a big diamond center stone is rare to see. Instead, there were clusters of small diamonds or colored stones. South Africa’s diamond mines opened and large diamond say “I love you” and marriage as the ultimate way to ask for a lady’s hand is up for grabs when the style shift occurred after 1870. Engagement rings Center stone diamond into included and there’s still a big a popular way is a big Pearl and surround it with small diamond was.

Typical Victoria Bridal jewelry known as completely different from our idea romantic ring is a type of ring. This diamond is not more colored stones had tapes and displayed (for example, “Dear”, etc.), there was a message engraved inside the band. These are rings of precious time and point of view is expressed as. In some cases, stone alternating with diamonds, each others are colorful. Still others, all the stones were diamonds, but they are quite a large Center stone and a few small diamond side stones were small side than that.

Colored stones in the ring she wore another type was a ring snake is similar to Queen Victoria. Snake ring, eternity representative, two snake designs are made up for the bride and groom together every diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, or intertwined with the other colored stones-accented.

Metal most today, many engagement rings was not white gold or Platinum. Popular choices are yellow gold and rose gold.


Many online Jewelers offer a series of Victorian engagement rings.

  • Fay Cullen designs cover a wide range of styles. You’re a complex pink sapphire ring, a rose-cut diamond ring is thin and long, or an elegant Demantoid can choose an engagement ring.
  • Bids by other selection of the popular Victorian era jewelry gone things.
  • London Victorian Ring Victorian ring there are all types. Three and five stone ring dear and Regard rings, previously mentioned snake rings, Bridal jewelry models popular on this site you can find all sorts of Victoria.

Aside from the Victorian engagement rings distinctive extraordinary beauty, Victoria styles are a few reasons to buy.

If you choose an antique ring;

  • It handed down for generations of their family even if; it will be an instant heirloom. In the family, use a loop that is handed down
  • If you only have a meaningful piece of jewelry from your side and close to the heart, but no one praised her ring when you have a story to tell.
  • Everyone has a Victorian or antique ring, so it will be in the case of particularly unique Bridal jewelry snake ring.
  • White Gold is popular these days; yellow or rose gold antique ring, choosing your diamond shape and ring style is quite simple, even if it does not fit in with the masses.


Victorian engagement ring inspired by Victorian-style, or choosing an engagement ring, it is quite easy. A diamond is not required because it’s right to show off on your finger for giving you an untraditional, colorful conversation piece, opens the realms of possibilities for bridal jewelry. You ring-Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, you can think of all kinds of simple, complex, snake-like-as long as yellow as gold rose to the characteristics of the period or set location.


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